Beautiful Fragrance Explained

Hi Everyone

Thought I would give you run down of the song ‘Beautiful Fragrance’. People seem to like this song on Sound Cloud and I am very happy about it.

So, here it goes……..

I was asked by a Dutch record company to write a song for an artist called Jasmine. I watched a couple of Youtube clips of her performances, got a feel for her vocals, and key in which she was singing, then thought, “Okay, now what?”

Her name reminded me of a flower and that was my starting point.

Then I thought about my own life, drew on my own emotions and experiences, and thought ……………..My folks were very dubious of the music industry when I was a in my early 20’s and getting into the music scene. (My Dad always said, “Tam, music is a passion and if you make money out of it, that is a bonus.” At the time I thought he was being negative, but now, with a little more life experience and wisdom, totally agree with him.) I thought of how difficult it must be as a parent to allow their kids to make their own choices and career moves. Then, I thought about how beautiful a letter to your parents would be, as you departed into the unknown and on your life’s adventure.

And so…..

 I wrote a love letter to my parents thanking them for giving me wings to fly and how much I love them. The beautiful fragrance referring to the aromas of a blossoming flower.

Thank goodness Jasmine didn’t choose my song, cause it became a ridiculously personal love letter from my heart and I love to sing it and picture the folks and remember all they have done for me to make me the person I am today.

Be blessed and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy singing it:)

Love Tam

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