Tam Louise is a singer-songwriter and producer from Cape Town, South Africa.

Her raw and ‘roasty’ vocals tell melodic stories that are entwined with hope, faith and love. Her music has been described as folk-soul with an edge.

She has had the privilege of playing a Belgium tour in 2007 and in 2016 where her music was well-received.

Her songs have been play listed on radio stations in South Africa, which include 5fm, Kfm and CCfm. One of her songs featured on the South African television programme “Going Nowhere Slowly”.

As long as music is played and sung with soul and has beautiful tones, she is drawn to it. Some of her favourite artists in her collection include: India Arie, Carol King, Dave Matthews Band, Stevie Nicks and Tracy Chapman.

T amarin Seed is the name of her studio which has a motto of living large, loving lavishly and leaving a legacy of hope, faith and love. Tam Louise’s latest creations, Rainbows and War Games, both recorded and produced at Tamarin Seed, are available on all major streaming platforms.

Tam Louise plans to tour Europe with her new repertoire as soon as it is safe to do so. She cannot wait!