Circle of Love:)

You can listen to the song and watch this youtube footage….. a collage of photos that will stir your hearts:)


 You can also listen to it on audio only if you wish:) 

I literally wrote this song in 45 minutes:) I was reading Psalm 31 in the Message Bible and wrote this song:) Then Morne, Sean and Steve added their musical touches to it and beefed it up at Paris Studios:) 

Jesus never judges. Jesus loves. Jesus loves everyone. 

This song tries to show that ‘lovement’ replaces ‘judgement’.

Look for opportunities to make someone’s day.

Smile at someone cause smiling is beautiful.

When someone is unkind, kill them with kindness.

Listen to a person’s story.

When afraid say, “Jesus, place me on a higher Rock than me.”

Lie on God’s lilo of love down a river of compassion and grace.

Too often, we walk in fear and waste energy and time. We are afraid of what others think, not reaching our goals or expectations of others, of the unknown, being alone, not having financial coverage…. the list goes on and on…..

Remember, a circle is unbreakable, unshakable and everlasting. In the same way, God’s love is unbreakable, unshakable, everlasting and unconditional.

Bless you all. 

Love Tam


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