Being Heard When The World Is Deafened

I am happy for artists who marry producers. They get to create wonderful music of high quality that gets radio play. Good for them. Honestly!

I am happy for artists who know people who know or knew people in the industry. They get their music heard and out there to the public through all the right channels.

I am happy for artists who use the talent shows on television as a platform to gain exposure. You guys are brave and talented.

I am happy for the amazing vocalists who sing covers on Youtube and get millions of people listening and watching them. You are sharing your talent and that is amazing.

I am happy for the hard working artists and bands who week in and week out play gigs to full and empty houses as their livelihood. You guys are amazing and examples that following your dreams as a singer-songwriter and performers is more important than material things.

I get sad that to really be heard and make a sudden impact in this music industry monopolized by companies who suck the artists dry and make ridiculous amounts of money out of talent where the ratio of give and take leans all on the take take take, the artist or band has to use shock tactics.

I get sad when Sting, Carol King, Edie Brickel, Stevie Nicks, Cranberries, Toad the Wet Sprocket, DM and countless other ammmmmmaaaaaazing artists hardly ever release albums any more.

I get sad that folk singers would fill a stadium if they played in the nude.

I get sad that people want immediate satisfaction and would rather download a song than go out of their way on a Friday night to a club to pay money at the door, sit and listen to an artist who has put their heart and soul into their craft, for the sake and joy of sharing it.

I get sad that artists have to put their art and craft aside in order to work during the day in a 9 – 5 day job that puts bread on the table and pays the bills.

I get sad that there is too much noise in the world in order to be heard.

I know you may say this is a generalisation. It is. But a sad one.



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