Hi guys

Been a while. Always learning, always experimenting and finding ways to improve my tone and overall sound.

My new piece of equipment….. The Rolls In Ear Hardwire Monitoring System and UE 900’s ear pieces…..rolls¬†Expensive purchase but I am investing so that is cool:) Over the years, I have found that when I play with a band and wedges, the tone of my voice alters slightly as I tend to push harder (maybe trying to be heard over the instruments) ….. So, hence the investment. I visited the audiologist as an ear condition¬†called tinnitis scared my earlobes off my face… Tinnitis is a condition which is incurable. The hairs in your ears bend and result in a terrible ringing sound that apparently drives one bonkers. So we had a good chat about decibels and how to measure volume roughly without a db reader…. although I downloaded 8 on my phone… told you I was a little paranoid:) I really enjoy the control I get vocally with my in-ears and hope it enhances my performances.

What I enjoy about the system is that you can get a main mix of all the instruments (line level) and then adjust your volumes of the vox and guit as you like, allowing you to get a consistent mix …. generally:) I do have a Digitech Vocoder which I send to the desk:) vocoderAwesome piece of equipment:) Can mix some reverb (creating space) and a touch of delay the way I enjoy:) What is cool…. It has an effects off button… So, I can give the sound engineer’s vox mix a listen first and if I like, switch my mix off…and have the FOH mix as my main point of reference…. But if it is bum…. On goes my little premix:)

I have some exciting plans for the 2016 and a tour lined up to Belgium:)

Will keep you posted:)

Love TS

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