Tamarin Seed’s Musical Rig


I asked my amazing DAD to help me create a rig that was flexible and portable; this is what Dad came up with. First he listened to the way I would like to play, then he took a couple of days to think about it and boom….. DAD…. AKA …. Mcyguver …. designed this…

Out and about playing music and having  enormous fun scenario one: WITH AN AMP

Picture 1 -3 : I have a cool BOSS Bag (R150 – no jokes – bought in a sale) …. put my black pedal board in there…. include my vocalist live 3 at the front of the chain…. insert a line selector at the end of the chain and then I split the acoustic to the desk and electric to the amp…. In this way… I can use the vocalist live with my electric and acoustic and I can use my modelling pedals with my acoustic too:)

Out and about playing music and having enormous fun scenario two: WITHOUT AN AMP

The rest of the pictures: I have a flight case. So now I have my ME 80 Boss Pedal. I use the preamps on this pedal as I have no amp so this is as close as I am going to get (although amps are the bomb). I actually just keep it on the clean preamp. Then I stomp it in manual mode…. I use my tube screamer and fulldrive and play around with the fun stuff … like the phasers, trems…. ag… you can really lose yourself in the ambient creating pedals on this ME 80… lekker easy pedal… it is like having the real deal stomp boxes at your feet… Cool…. So I also use my vocalist live at the beginning of the chain…. then I don’t need to split it for acoustic and electric…. all I do it switch the preamps off when I play my Bertie (acoustic) or my Rubie (my other acoustic) …. pretty simple…..

Out and about playing music and having enormous fun scenario three: WITH AN AMP

I can use the second set-up….. then split the electric to the amp and acoustic to the desk….. If I use the line selector it is easier…. If I don’t, I just have to put the volume off my electric, switch off the preamps and boom acoustic vibes… easy peasy. I also then get to play around with the fun pedals of the ME80:)


If I am using option two or three, the wires need freedom so the ¬†pedals needed upliftment….Dad made two wedges, drilled holes in them… drilled aligning holes in the black board….. then used a simple washer and wingnut tightening method… simple pimple…. So, I place the aluminium wedges and parts in a wedge pouch…. lie the board flat, go to the place of music…. unpack… skrew in my wedges….. lift those suckers…. have no messy cables creating messy chaos… play music and have enormous fun…. unskrew the wedges, flatten the board and depart….. easy peasy….

What is cool about option two; especially for a lady with a sore back, having to lug equipment about, is that I have the flight case in the one hand; electric in the other and my acoustic on my back:) One walk from the car to the venue; one walk from the venue to the car…. two walks … I can live with that:)

Dad’s fix things…. that’s what they do…. I adore my Pops…. He wisely told me to keep music as a passion… I do…. And he supports it wholeheartedly.




Tam xxx


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