This song entitled Yes, I can Dance, was recorded at Roomwork Studios, produced by Dave Dario
and engineered by Gary Readhead @RoomworksMedia


The studio belongs to Gary Readhead. Best musical moments and most fun!

“I’ve got style my own thing,
I’ve got a 101 kinds of bling,
I’ve got dreams in my mind,
I’ve got O so many ones I find”
“Absolutely but otherwise normal
Truly madly, but ever so lovable.”
A pocket full of adventure
Sunlight in the winter
Rocket fuel in the morning
I’ll make you smile without a warning.
A pocket full of adventure
Sunlight in the winter
Give me a chance, yes I can dance.”
I’ve got you on my fridge
I’m just dying for when
You cross that bridge.
I’ve got swing from my hips
Got a tender touch on my lips

So basically the song is about JUST BEING YOU!

Celebrate who you are! Love yourself! Not in a vain, self-absorbing , egocentric, me – me way……..but, love who you are, who you were created to be, your character, your odd ways, your charm, your intelligence, your corkiness, whatever! Find it! You are cool!

It was very special that Dave sang on this song. He is a genius and used his musical gifting to produce most of the songs on my album. I was blessed to have this song play listed on Kfm radio. (Pretty darn chuffed about that)

So, if you like it, you can download it for free:) 

Love Tam x


Dave Dario and Gary Readhead teaming up and working their thang!

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